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Java 1.3 or higher is needed to view this applet.

This applet requires Java 1.5 or higher.

What's New?

I have followed up on some of the comments made on the version 2.0. The two main comments were firstly on the interface, I talked about planes in the text but on screen there was no plane just a representation. So now I have updated the graphics to display planes. The second comment was about having the planes flying to a target (which already happens) but being able to set the direction when you get there. This required changing the interface in order to give the command and for the simulation to be able to calculate the route. As usual what should be the hard part (to my way of thinking that should be calculating the route) was the easy bit and the interface changes were the hard part! So here is how the interface now works.

The green line is the flight path. As the flight paths always have to be the same length, the plane that gets to its target first has to circle back toward its target. The circle that surrounds the plane represents the area of airspace that the plane "owns". In real life this circle is ten miles in diameter and the display would cover a region of 50 - 100 miles diameter. So the plane would be a speck at the center of the circle if drawn to scale.


  • Select a plane: left-click on the plane
  • Select current position or target position setting: use the radio buttons in the "Plane Parameters" box on the top of the right hand options.
  • Set the position only: Click (press and release) the left mouse button on the position on screen where you would like the plane's position to be.
  • Set the position and direction of the plane: Press down and hold the left mouse button on the position on screen where you would like the plane's position to be. Drag the mouse in the direction that you would like the plane to go and you will see a blue line from the position you chose. It does not matter how far you drag the mouse. Once you are happy with the direction, release the left mouse button. The position where you pressed the left mouse button is the new plane position and the direction is the direction to where you released the left mouse button.

Last updated on 06th October 2007