Air Traffic Control Simulation

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The Vision

The future of air traffic control is a place where the density of planes has surpassed the capacity that controllers are able to control. I see the solution for the future in computers making the decisions (maybe overseen by people) and people being employed to communicate with the pilots.

I foresee that you could have 4 or 5 people with a screen and headset and the computer displaying a flight path for a plane. The screen would display the next turn the plane needs to make and a countdown to when the person should contact the pilot to get them to turn to the next direction, adjust speed and height. Once the "controller" has seen that the plane has turned, they click the confirm button and a new plane’s flight path is displayed and the countdown begins again.

Latest News

6 October 2007 - An Airport Version 3.0 after almost 2 years off have finished off this version.

13 December 2005 - Multiple Planes! Version 2.2.0 you can dynamically add and take away planes. This is obviously leading to the next stage of adding in the airport.

8 December 2005 - Travelling Thailand but managed to fix the last few problems like finding a decent internet connection. But finally posting version 2.1.1

17 November 2005 - Finished travelling Australia but have a week before leaving for Thailand so managed to finish the last 1%

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