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Sailing the Whitsundays

Not a bad forecast!

Our ship - Whitsunday Magic - under full sail

Anchored while we go ashore

The view of Whitehaven Beach from the lookout (taken by Jolene)

Views from the lookout

Us enjoying the powdery silica sand and clear waters of Whitehaven Beach

Matt, Jolene and Jamie being far too energetic!

Feeding bat Fish and Fusilier Fish off the side of the boat

Amanda, Jamie, Jolene and Us enjoying a pre-dinner cocktail

Having dinner

Debs, Jolene and a couple of Midori Splices

Matt makingshort work of his drink!

Making sure we're heading in the right direction!

Checking the view from our porthole

Some views of our beautiful boat.

Last updated 4th March 2009