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Botany Bay Placard Inscription

The Landing Place of Captain Cook
April 28th, 1770

The following brief extracts relating to the Landing of Captain Cook and his party on the rock opposite this tablet are taken from the original MS Journal of Sir Joseph Banks, in the Mitchell Library, Sydney:

The Journal records that-

The native resolutely disputed the landing, "although they were but two, and we thrity or forty at least."
Parleying with these two continued for about a quarter of an hour. "They remained resolute, so a musket was fired over them, the effect of which was that the youngest of the two dropped a bundle of lances on the rock.... He, however, snatched them up again and both

renewed their threats and opposition. A musket loaded with small shot was now fired at the eldest of the two who was about 40 yards from the boat, it struck him on the legs but he minded it very little, so another was immediately fired at him, on this he ran up to the house about 100 yards distant and soon returned with a shield. In the meantime we had landed on the rock."

Several "lances" were immediately thrown and fell among the party. This caused two further discharges of small shot, when, after throwing another lance, the natives fled.

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