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On the 13th September we fly to Beijing. We spend 3 days here and will visit the Ming Tombs (where 13 of the 16 emperors are buried), Tiananmen Sq, the Forbidden City and The Great Wall of China. Then we get an over night train and head to Xian. In Xian we will visit the Terracotta Warriors and the Muslim Quarter. After 2 days in Xian we fly to Guilin and then head to Yangshou – a picturesque town set amongst towering limestone karsts. We will cycle through the countryside, stopping off in local villages and seeing the workers in the paddy fields. During these 3 days we’ll also take a peaceful cruise along the River Li (to rest our weary legs). We arrive back in Guangzhou where we catch the hydrofoil to Hong Kong and then spend 3 nights in Hong Kong before heading to Bangkok on 28th September.


This is less planned than our visit to China but, at the moment, looks something like this…

We arrive on the 28th September in Bangkok. We’re going to be there for 3 nights and plan to explore the sights, sounds (and smells) of the city before heading north to Ayutthaya and then onto to Chiang Mai. We’d like to take an Elephant trek in this area or perhaps head north to Pai and visit the nature reserves there. From there we’ll go to Chiang Rai and cross into Laos – either by land at Huay Xai or by flying into Luang Nam Tha.

In the north of Laos we plan to visit some tribal villages and see some of the sights. From there we make our way down to Vientiane (the capital) and fly to Hanoi, in Vietnam, where we’ll spend some time in the city before visiting Halong Bay. After that it’s a train ride south along the coast of Vietnam to visit the temples and tombs at Hue, the sights of Da Nang and get some clothes made in Hoi An! We’ll visit Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and at some point we’ll cross back into Southern Laos to see the Four Thousand Islands (points where the Mekong River splits).

Next it’s onto Cambodia to visit Phnom Penh and Angkor Wat. We cross back into Thailand, hopefully via Ko Chang National Park (an island off the coast of Trat). We’ll head back to Bangkok and then south, maybe for a full moon party on Ko Samui, but definitely stopping off at some of the beautiful beaches (Ko Phi Phi) and (hopefully) learning to dive.

We’ll make our way into Malaysia sampling it’s beaches and jungles (Taman Negara), visiting Kuala Lumpur before making our way to Singapore. We leave Singapore on the 15th December and fly to Sydney.

We have working visas which allow us to stay in Australia for a year. After Christmas and New Year celebrations in Sydney we will find work and get some money together so that we can continue travelling and seeing the sights of Oz.

Last updated 4th March 2009